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Life is a series of Exquisite Breakdowns

Breaking down barriers to achieve breakthroughs

InQlu combines both business consulting and powerful coaching to support you in taking you and your business through to the next level

No matter where you are at personally or in business, the team at InQlu are committed to supporting you in identifying which areas may be preventing you from achieving the results you want.

As a business owner, you are likely to experience times when you may feel stuck, lost/confused, or simply don't know how to shift your circumstances in order to get through.

Often financial constraints, lack of momentum, bad 'luck', people issues or a whole host of reasons can stop you in your tracks.

Breakdowns are necessary for growth, and unless we are prepared to push through to the other side, we may miss the opportunity for that growth.

Breakdowns are a fundamental part of growing anything, especially in business. Having a partner committed to supporting you through to the other side is essential for success


  • An act or instance of moving through or beyond an obstacle.
  • A sudden advance in knowledge or technique.
  • A first notable success in performance or results.
  • An assault that penetrates and carries beyond a defensive line.

Do you want a breakthrough? Are you committed to doing what it takes?

If you are looking for support in taking your business to the next level or breaking through your current situation, contact InQlu now

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