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About Us - InQlu

About InQlu

John Smallwood
John Smallwood, Director

Who We Are

The team and associates at InQlu have extensive experience in breakthrough coaching and supporting entrepreneurs and business owners through the various stages of growth.

We specialise in working with privately owned enterprises or organisations and we typically work with the principal, owner or CEO and their leadership team to bring about the results that they want to achieve.

What We Do

Breakthrough Coaching

We provide one-on-one coaching either in a face to face format, via video conferencing, or depending on circumstances a combination of these. We also make effective use of phone calls to support our clients.

We acknowledge every coaching relationship is unique and we tailor our coaching to best suit and support the outcomes our clients desire.

Advisory Services

Our team all have one thing in common; each member has a commercial background and extensive experience in owning, running, and growing businesses. We combine coaching and consulting to provide a formidable solution that can take you and your business to the next level.

Customised Workshops

InQlu delivers workshops that are relevant to your business and in each instance are tailored to the specific outcomes you want to achieve. We understand that no two business are alike and we identify in partnership with the business leader how best we can deliver that outcome together.


InQlu uses psychometric profiling for both individuals and teams as a diagnostic tool to uncover some of the existing behavioural traits in a business.

Our team are accredited to use different psychometric tools depending on the nature or structure of an organisation and the desired outcomes.

If you are interested in our services, let's get in touch